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Reinstate fortnightly bin collections

At the May 2017 local elections, Labour promised us they would maintain fortnightly bin collections, but as soon as the elections were over they backtracked and shifted to three-week collections.

Voters were betrayed and have every right to feel angry. Inadequate bin collections can present a health hazard to residents, and it's simply not fair or practical to expect people to only have their bins emptied every three weeks.

Despite the cuts and neglect, bills and taxes only ever seem to rise, and we must ask why it is that we seem to be paying more for less. It's not good enough, and it has to stop.

If elected, I promise to fight for you and demand a return to fortnightly bin collections. We must use this election to send a message to the big parties, and show them that the communities of this ward will not be taken for granted any more.


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