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North Lanarkshire Candidates Announced

North Lanarkshire Council published its Notice of Poll last Thursday, showing a breakdown of all candidates by ward within the area. You can view it, and find other information at this link.

Our efforts are focused in Fortissat Ward where our candidate John Jo Leckie is working hard and leading a brilliant campaign. The feedback on the doorsteps is extremely encouraging. Residents are responding to a positive campaign fought on the local issues that matter most: demanding fortnightly bin collections, scrapping uplift charges to stop fly-tipping, fixing the potholes, and more. From the response we've been getting, it's clear John Jo is going to get a very strong result, just like he did in the 2017 by-election, when he beat the SNP and won more than double the Conservative vote.

Labour won't be able to win all four seats they currently hold, since they are only standing two candidates! So one thing is clear: the Number 1 Unionist candidate in Fortissat ward this May is John Jo Leckie. He's beaten the SNP before; help him beat them again on Thursday 5th May by backing him with your Number 1 vote!


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