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John Jo Leckie to contest Fortissat ward

"I'm proud to have lived and worked in this ward for all of my life. I care deeply about my local community, and have always played an active role. As a member of Shotts Community Council since 1992, I was a founding member of Shape Up Shotts, and helped secure vital funding for the regeneration of Stane Gardens.
I worked for the council as a gardener for 40 years, working mainly at Stane Gardens and later Stane and Benhar cemeteries, and retired in 2017. I've always believed in serving my community and would be honoured to represent you as your councillor.

This May, we're contesting Fortissat ward in North Lanarkshire. Our candidate John Jo Leckie is a local champion who polled a remarkable result in the September 2017 by-election, when he defeated the SNP.

We're fighting on the local issues that matter most to residents. Back John Jo with your Number 1 vote on Thursday 5th May to win a strong, local and Unionist opposition voice, who will take on the SNP's divisive agenda while holding Labour and the Tories to account in the council.


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