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John Jo Leckie elected in Fortissat ward!

Congratulations to our candidate John Jo Leckie, who was elected today in Fortissat ward, North Lanarkshire.

We've fought an extremely strong campaign on the local issues that matter most to voters: stopping fly-tipping, fixing the potholes, demanding fortnightly bin collections, and protecting local services. Voters have very clearly responded to the opportunity to vote for a Unionist alternative that will challenge the status-quo and demand better for the people of this ward.

John Jo is well known to many already through years of hard work on Shotts Community Council, and he will continue to serve as a local champion in his new role as councillor.

It's a remarkable result for the British Unionist Party. With other small parties fielding dozens of candidates without success (Alex Salmond's Alba Party failed to get any of its 111 candidates elected), it shows just what an achievement this result represents.

Thank you to all those who backed John Jo, and especially to those who campaigned with us as we took our positive message to the electorate. This breakthrough result gives us a very strong platform to build on, and we look forward to continuing to build our presence both locally and nationally in the coming years.


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