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Announcement: John Ferguson to lead BUP

John Ferguson is now serving as leader of the British Unionist Party. John, or ‘Gus’ as he is commonly known, has previously served on the Executive Committee as the party’s Nominating Officer, and will continue to fulfil these duties alongside his new role as leader.

Gus has been a key campaigner for the BUP, including our remarkable electoral success last May when we elected our first councillor, who would go on to cast the decisive vote that removed a sordid and inept SNP council administration from power in North Lanarkshire.

Gus released the following statement:

"The need for the British Unionist Party has never been clearer. The SNP are on the brink of collapse, yet the stultified unionist establishment parties are failing to make serious inroads with voters. Our shock success in Fortissat Ward last May shows the appetite for a unionist alternative is there, and with upcoming by-elections at the local and national level, I look forward to building on our previous success and providing voters will a real alternative that will give a voice to the silent pro-UK majority."


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