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Successful Glasgow Meeting launches 'Devolution and the Union: A Critical Perspective'

On Saturday, 9th March, BUP members and supporters met in central Glasgow to launch the party’s new publication “Devolution and the Union: A Critical Perspective”. In the chair was party leader Gus Ferguson and the speakers were the report’s author John Mortimer and Councilor John Jo Leckie.

Speaking on our new publication, the failures of legislative devolution since 1999 were emphasised, and in particular the danger that it poses to the constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom. The great achievements in Scotland under the pre-devolution Scottish Office were contrasted against the failures under Holyrood. The report will be made available on our website shortly.

Councilor Leckie spoke about his work in his ward in North Lanarkshire and how he is bringing results for his constituents and gaining respect for himself and the party in the council. Gus Ferguson echoed John Jo’s comments and emphasized how important it was for the party to see and be seen in the council offices and how positive relationships were developed over time.


The speeches were well received and several of those in attendance enjoyed a drink and a chat afterwards.


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