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Party Leader’s Christmas Address

Dear BUP Members and Supporters,


It is customary at this time of year to look back and take stock of the events of the past twelve months and at the same time look forward to the coming year and what our hopes and plans are going forward.


During 2023 the British Unionist Party has been punching far above its weight. We contested two council by-elections in Bellshill and Motherwell and in each case achieved very credible results and, in both contests, beating the Liberal Democrats and Alex Salmond’s Alba Party. I spent the polling days in the two wards and was encouraged by the response that the BUP message received from members of the public although we clearly have a bit to go until this is translated into electoral success: small acorns, mighty oak trees, and all that!


The BUP National Executive met in Glasgow earlier this month. It noted with satisfaction the electoral results previously mentioned and discussed what the goals for the party should be in 2024. The overarching theme that emerged from the meeting was that the incoming year must be one of building the infrastructure of the party. This will include efforts to recruit more members, identify potential activists and candidates and provide the support necessary for them to run successful campaigns and increasing the party’s presence on social media and raising its profile in the media as a whole. A key event of the early part of 2024 will be the public launch of our booklet “Devolution and the Union” which we believe is a serious and important contribution to the constitutional debate. Details of this meeting will follow shortly.


I do not wish to delay you too long from your preparations for Christmas and so I would like to conclude with a couple of things for you to consider: are you a member? If not, please consider joining today. Are you already a member? Then why not have a think about how you could support the party by activism in 2024? Of course, we would welcome financial contributions from both members and supporters to assist our work in 2024.


I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


Gus Ferguson

Party Leader, British Unionist Party


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