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British Unionists defeat Alba Party, Greens and Lib Dems in Bellshill

Our team in North Lanarkshire are enjoying a well-earned rest today after yesterday's local by-election in Bellshill Ward.

Although Labour won the seat comfortably, our candidate Billy Ross polled a strong result and defeated Alex Salmond's Alba Party, the Greens and the Lib Dems, coming 4th out of a total of ten candidates.

The British Unionist Party is clearly emerging as the most credible of the alternative parties. We've gone from strength to strength in North Lanarkshire since electing our first councillor in Fortissat Ward last May, and are now even beating major parties like the Liberal Democrats and Greens at the local level.

With multiple by-elections now looming on the horizon at the national level, we look forward to continuing to build on these results going forward, and to provide more and more voters with a pro-UK alternative to the Lib-Lab-Con and the shambolic SNP administration at Holyrood.


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