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British Unionists to contest Motherwell South East & Ravenscraig by-election

We are delighted to announce that we will be contesting the local by-election for Motherwell South East & Ravenscraig Ward, which takes place on Thursday 16th November.

After Labour's recent announcement that they planned to close thirty-nine vital community facilities across North Lanarkshire, followed by an embarrassing U-turn after a very understandable public outcry, it is clear that a genuine unionist alternative is needed. Our sitting councillor for Fortissat Ward (Harthill & Shotts), John Jo Leckie, stood with the local community and voted against the cuts.

Only the British Unionists can take on the SNP and their divisive, damaging agenda, while also holding the Labour-Tory administration in North Lanarkshire Council to account on local issues.

Vote #1 Billy Acheson if you want a true local champion and a strong Unionist voice for Motherwell South East & Ravenscraig.


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