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Bank closure is a betrayal of our community

Residents have every right to feel angered and betrayed by the impending closure of Shotts Bank of Scotland, the last remaining bank in the ward. The removal of this essential service will harm residents and local businesses, and is especially concerning for elderly residents who, quite understandably, may not be comfortable with digital banking.

High street banks offer many services that are not provided online or over the phone, and it is unfair to expect us to travel outside of the ward to places like Wishaw or Motherwell just to access basic banking services. The travel will present another unnecessary expense for many, never mind the inconvenience.

This coming closure is just the latest symptom in a long story of neglect within this ward. The big parties take us for granted, and that has to change. If you believe we deserve better and want a proven local champion who will fight to keep vital services within the ward, then back John Jo Leckie with your Number 1 vote on Thursday 5 May.


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