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Maintain Union.

Secure the Border.

Rebuild Britain.

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Standing up for the Silent Majority.

We stand for the patriotic pro-UK majority that believes in a united and sovereign Britain.

We take the best from left and right to provide a serious, credible alternative that is Unionist, socially conservative on issues like immigration and culture, and social democratic on the economy and welfare.

We beat Labour, Conservative and SNP candidates when we won our first local government seat this May in Fortissat Ward, North Lanarkshire. We're working hard so the silent majority can finally have a voice!

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Putting Britain Together Again.

We stand in opposition to the Conservative-Labour-SNP establishment, and their cosy consensus on issue like devolution, immigration and de-industrialisation.

We believe in a Britain that is United, Sovereign, Democratic, Industrial and Functional, like the Britain that we used to know.


After decades of shutting down and breaking apart under the establishment parties, it's time to start putting our country back together again.

Ancho Policies

Maintain Union.

We are 'One Nation Unionists'.


We maintain that the United Kingdom is a unitary state and one nation.


We campaign to abolish devolution and oppose any more referendums on breaking up Britain.


We are Stronger Together!


Secure the Border.

1.6 Million visas and permits were granted in a single 12 month period ending March 2022, while tens of thousands arrive illegally on our shores.

We stand for a full freeze on non-student immigration, and for a fit-for-purpose border infrastructure to be rebuilt.

Rebuild Britain.

Britain needs a serious, industrial economy that makes things and provides skilled jobs.

We must rebuild through a social democratic platform and invest in high-quality core industries, public utilities, and well-funded public services.

After decades of shutting down, it's time to rebuild Britain!


Join the British Unionist Party.

Join today and help us start putting our country back together again. Concession memberships are available from £12 per year.

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