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Fly-tipping is out of control

The failure of our current councillors to clean up the fly-tipping mess is just another example of how they take us for granted. Hikes to uplift charges have only worsened the problem, causing us to pay even more to remove the waste.

As a proven local champion who has helped deliver vital local projects and funding for regeneration through many years of service on Shotts Community Council, John Jo Leckie is campaigning to sort out the fly-tipping mess this May. It's time we stopped the neglect and won a vital, local, Unionist voice!

There's so many local issues that need addressed. Fly-tipping is out of control; we need to scrap uplift charges. Our roads are in a terrible state, they seem to be dug up a lot, but never fixed! Since the number of grit bins was halved last winter, I've lost count of the number of calls I've made because bins needed replenished.
Weeds are a menace; as a former council gardener, I'm appalled at what I see. Burial costs have risen well above inflation, yet cemetery grounds are poorly maintained. We are paying more for less. Far too many local services have been moved to Motherwell. The travel is inconvenient and expensive for residents, and dangerous during a pandemic.
- John Jo Leckie


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