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The British Unionists were formed by pro-Union activists from a variety of party backgrounds, based mainly in the Glasgow and Lanarkshire areas.

For us, supporting the Union does not mean supporting the status-quo. We provide a pro-Union alternative for those who feel let down and neglected by the establishment parties.

We believe that the road to 'A Better Britain' starts with positive local change, and that's why our priority is to effectively contest local elections, directly addressing the local issues that matter most to residents.

This May, our campaign is focused in Fortissat ward, where John Jo Leckie will be campaigning to clean up fly-tipping, fix the potholes, bring back fortnightly bin collections, and more. We polled a remarkable result in the September 2017 Fortissat by-election, when John Jo defeated the SNP and won more than double the Conservative vote. There's no question that John Jo is the Number 1 Unionist candidate in the ward this May.

We have an experienced core team that has previously contested select seats at the local and devolved level. John Mortimer serves as Party Leader, and John Ferguson as Nominating Officer.

Click the button below to view our updates and get the latest on our local election campaign this May.

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