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Thinking of 'Tactically Voting'?

As another General Election comes around, so-called 'tactical voting' is once again being pushed in the usual online circles. For those planning to ‘tactically vote’ Labour to ‘get the SNP out’, here’s a quick reminder of what you will be voting for:

  • Net migration, primarily from Africa and Asia, totalling in the high hundreds-of-thousands every single year

  • Several million migrants, equivalent to the current population of several cities such as Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds combined, to settle in Britain over Labour’s next five-year parliamentary term

  • Ludicrously overstretched public services to the point that it is impossible to register with a dentist, and the sick and elderly wait in pain and misery for many months (or longer) for essential treatment on the NHS

  • A constitutional assault on the Union as per the Labour Party’s 2022 ‘New Britain’ report, including a federal UK in which the four ‘home nations’ are largely self-governing; mass transfer of powers to the devolved assemblies; and the House of Lords to be replaced with an ‘Assembly of the Nations and Regions’ in which Scottish representatives can veto legislation passed by the Commons

  • Further attacks on women’s rights and single-sex spaces through continued “gender reform”

  • Continued tax hikes pushing millions of British families into hardship and poverty

  • Continued and amplified assault on traditional values and institutions from the married family, to the schools and every aspect of national and cultural life

If you vote for the incoming Labour government, then you are actively and positively endorsing all of the above. You are choosing to vote for all of it when you had the choice to vote otherwise. You are also, of course, endorsing the bulk of it if you vote Conservative or Lib Dem.

Voting Labour just to ‘get the SNP out’, while knowing everything Labour will inflict on Britain and the British people – all 70 million of them across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – is utterly indefensible from any sort of Unionist or British patriotic perspective.

To do so is to cast off the duties of British nationhood, cast off all care for your fellow Britons outside of Scotland, and essentially say that you don’t care what you actively vote to inflict upon them, so long as it ‘gets the SNP out’ of your own backyard. It is a small-minded, parochial and anti-British mentality, not too dissimilar to that of the Scottish nationalists.

Above all else, a vote for Labour is a vote for the continued dissolution of Britain. No Unionist should countenance it. There are alternatives, including numerous smaller parties and independents that can be voted for in good conscience. Your vote was not something gained lightly – use it well.


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