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Eastfield is backing John Jo Leckie!

We had a fantastic response on the doorsteps during our Saturday leafleting session in Eastfield. The combination of our positive, pro-UK message, and our strong stance on local issues was welcomed by voters who have been neglected by the establishment parties for far too long.

Our candidate John Jo Leckie finished top by first preference votes here in the 2017 by-election, and it's clear that Eastfield will be backing John Jo once again this May.

While canvassing, we came across several of the local issues that are central to our campaign, in particular dangerous potholes and empty grit bins. The major parties have failed to tackle these issues; they take voters for granted and have become far too comfortable and complacent.

Thankfully, John Jo will offer a fresh alternative this May. Back him with your Number 1 vote if you agree it's time we had a strong, local, Unionist voice!


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