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Generations that spent their working-lives contributing to the National Health Service are now being failed when they need it most. Waiting lists are out of control, A&E services are overrun, and sick patients are having to wait weeks and sometimes even months just to see their GP.

It's not good enough. The British Unionist Party demands a fit-for-purpose NHS that puts the British people first. We need to end health tourism, stop the impossible demands that immigration is putting on healthcare and other services, and start investing in the health and wellbeing of the British people.

That's why a Fit-For-Purpose NHS is one of the five core point on our Five Point Plan to end the Lib-Lab-Con betrayal and Put Britain Back Together Again:

1. Maintain the Union

  • Keep our United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland together

  • Oppose any more referendums on Scottish independence

  • Abolish the failed Blair-era devolution experiment by scrapping the devolved assemblies at Holyrood, Cardiff Bay & Stormont

2. Freeze Immigration

  • Put an end to the Lib-Lab-Con policy of mass immigration

  • Immediately implement a 'Zero Immigration' policy

  • Stop the boats and rebuild our border infrastructure

  • Restrict welfare to British citizens only

3. Rebuild our Industries & Infrastructure

  • Re-establish British Steel and British Shipbuilders to provide high-quality material and products for national projects (e.g. Royal Navy vessels)

  • Re-establish British Rail and end the farce of franchising that has caused ticket prices to soar out of control

  • Bring energy, water and other core utilities back under British public control to restore standards and end profiteering

4. A Fit-For-Purpose NHS

  • End health tourism

  • Reinstate Matrons and State Enrolled Nurses

  • Reinstate full bursaries for nurses and train our own here in the UK

  • Reinstate the tripartite system of hospital services, primary care and community services, and phase out the bloated, over-centralised Regional Health Authorities and superhospitals

5. Put our Society Back Together Again

  • Restore free speech for all

  • Make our streets safe again and make regular foot patrols the bread-and-butter of policing like it used to be

  • Protect women-only spaces and remove 'woke' ideology from schools

  • Ensure affordable homes for our youth by ending the mass immigration ponzi scheme that is causing rents and house prices to soar

Agree with our Five Point Plan for Britain?

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